Vito Bam Bam

Vito Bam Bam is one of the most versatile artist in the industry. His talent that he brings to the game is a new school vibe with old school Hip-Hop. Having a combination of genres of Gangster Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B makes him a valuable asset to Almighty Allstars Entertainment. Born in McKeesport, PA, moving to Atlanta, GA, creates an amazing blend between east coast, south, and midwest.


His debut single, "Ayething On Me"  featuring  Zae, produced by Ray Wonder was released in 2014. Working constantly on his music, he desires to be the best and the game and chose to work with brother Moe Legg nonstop and continuously works to improve. Stay tuned in with Vito Bam Bam and Almighty Allstars Entertainment to get the latest updates for future projects.