Almighty Allstars Entertainment has been in the shadows since 2009. They needed a foundation to build from. Moe Legg was the perfect fit. He founded the company as a "behind the scenes guy," and started to fall in love with the studio grind. While just making music for his passion, his artists encouraged him to take it to another level and start to let the world to hear. Receiving advice from legendary producer Sam Sneed, is when he started to believe that his passion could be a profession.

Born as Maurice Leggett, Moe Legg has the versatility to make music with any genre. Studying music in high school and college makes him no stranger to making music. Although He's in love with his professional football career, he does not take music lightly or for granted. When he's not studying football, he is studying music in the studio. Be on the lookout for nonstop music coming from Moe Legg.