Getting his name from the one and only DJ Lazy K, there isn't any difference between "Buzin Bezel" as a person, nor artist. His music is based on his everyday life style, and environment. Coming from Paterson, New Jersey, Buzin Bezel's sound/style of music is unique because of his southern swag, but being from the east coast.



Buzin Bezel broke into the music business at first, by being a local DJ, that led to rapping, song writing, and then producing. He knew at a young age he wanted to be in the music business, because his family are all musicians.


Growing up in a home, dealing with 2 brothers, 2 sisters, with a single mom was rough.  "Me as a person, inspire myself everyday, knowing and not forgetting where, and what I come from."


Feeling he's a role model, because he has friends and family who look forward to him doing what he needs to do, so he has to set an example. His formula for success is (D.D.D.), Discipline, Dedication  and Determination......